The Cave

You emerge as a Stone-Age woman right into a snow storm. You have a male companion.
Suddenly you are attacked by a big Mammoth.
The man tries to kill it but his spear breaks like a toothpick and you must run for your life. At last you find shelter in a cave but the animal remains outside and you can't leave the cave.

Take two steps towards the back of the cave.
Whoops! You fall headlong all the way to the bottom and lies there still and lifeless.

Suddenly your soul is freeing itself from your body and materializes after a little while.
You are a ghost now and has to find a way to revive yourself.

Walk towards the wall behind the head of the outstretched figure and enter through the round cave opening.
Follow the corridor until it widens to another cave.
Look down.
On the floor you can find a piece of wood with a hole in it. Get the stick from your inventory and use it on the piece of wood and you'll make a splendid campfire.

The cave is lit up and you can see the shadows of one white and four black wolfs on the wall.
Click on a black wolf. He raises to fight. Click on another black wolf. The two wolfs go on fighting until one of them vanishes. Then click at another black wolf. When the fight stops click at the remaining black wolf. When there is only one black wolf left, click at the white wolf.

When the white wolf has won the fight it becomes real and vanishes through one of the walls.
Turn around and search for the spot where the wolf got through.
You'll find it where there is a crack in the wall.
Click there and you'll break through the cliff.

The Lake

Outside the cliff you fall headlong again but this time you land in a sea.
When you surface take a look around.

High up in the air something strange is floating. Probably you must go there sooner or later but for the moment just take one step forward.
Look down to the left and you'll see a tree-stump.
Pick it up

Continue forward until you come to a tree just at the shoreline.
You are too short to climb it.
Put the tree-stump near the roots of the tree.
Now you can climb up.
You manage to jump to the next island.

When you are on the other side look down to your left and pick up the stone.
Walk forward until a big tiger prevents you from passing.
Get the stone.
Aim at the grass to the right of the tree and throw the stone just when the tiger reaches the tree.

If your aim and timing is perfect the tiger takes a leap at you but falls in the quick-sand and vanishes.
(Else you have to start the sequence all over again.)
Good that you have been aware of the quick-sand. Better avoid it.

Look to the right and pick up the big branch.
Carefully walk forward on the left side of the sandy spot to avoid the quick-sand.

Take a look down. You cant get over.
On the hill lies a big stone.
Use the branch on the stone to make it roll down and become a perfect bridge.

Now you can get to the other side.
Look up to the right and you'll see the white wolf at the top of the hill.

Don't take that way, walk instead to the left down towards the hole in the cliff.
When you have got through you hear a frightening growl. Now you really are trapped.
On one side a big brown bear and on the other a black wolf.

Quickly turn around and return trough the hole and take the way uphill to the white wolf.

The black wolf follows but the white wolf takes care of him.
Now you can go down through the hole in the cliff once again.

Look towards the spot where the black wolf was standing.
Take the long stick.
Go on the grass at the right of the bear.
When you can go no further search for an active spot in the grass.
Use your long stick on the spot.


You use the stick to jump to the next island.
A bit dizzy you land in the grass.

At the shore you find a tree stub. Walk onto it and you'll use it as a floating device to reach the stone bridge leading to the thing hovering above.
Follow the path all the way to the top.

The Hovering Vessel

Click at the hovering thing and you are sucked into it.

Walk to the small room at the other side and enter.
On a table you find a crystal skull and another device.
Take the device, it is a spear thrower
Then take the skull.
You are sucked into it and once more you come to the maze of ways and bubbles.

The skull

Turn slightly left and take the path under the three big bubbles.
Turn around and speak to the dolphin.
He tells you to take the spear-thrower to kill the mammoth and the skull to use when it is needed.
He also mentions the corridors and tells you to first take the forth door to the left and then the third door to the left. This time, though, you can't enter the corridor-bubbles. Instead turn fully around and enter the bubble you see there.

The Hovering Vessel

You return to the hovering vessel.
Check your inventory to be sure you have got both the skull and the spear-thrower.
Then walk onto the circle in the outer room.

The Lake

Turn until you see the brown bear and walk all the way down.
Your floating device is gone so you are stuck here.
Retreat one step on the way you came
Turn left and you'll see a big cliff.
On the cliff there is a picture of the white wolf.
He has helped you before so click at him again

The Cave

You are returned to the cave with the fire.
Exit the cave and walk past the body to the small stream.
Turn right, pass the small bridge and enter the cave at the other side.
On the floor there is a big stone with the picture of a body.
Walk onto the stone.

The pictures of four different animals start running on the walls.
Turn right and look down. Take the spear.
You aim it automatically at the wall where the animals are running.
You have to hit them all, one at the time. Aim slightly in front of the animal and click.
If you hit you'll get a heart in your inventory. Continue until you have all the four hearts, They represent the four elements, earth, air, fire and water. If you look closely at the hearts you can see a picture in each of them.

Look at the stone on the floor. The same pictures are there too. Check where they are compared with the body. The symbol of earth is for instance at her outstretched right leg.

Return to the body. You find the pictures here too. The body is mirrored but the symbol of earth is still at her outstretched right leg.
At the picture to the right you can see how the symbols are placed. Walk around and put all the four hearts at their right symbol.

When all the four hearts are correctly placed, the soul returns to the body and you are revived.

Go to the left of the stone down to the stream.
Walk over the bridge and into the cave.

You walk all the way to the cave where your mate is.
You show him the spear-thrower but have to demonstrate it to make him understand how to use it.

When he has understood it the rest is a piece of cake.
He throws the spear and kills the mammoth.
Together you run happily to your freedom.

The Hidden Room

Your roll as a stone-age woman is over and you are back in the Hidden Room in the Hoggar Desert.
The teleport to the stone-age is open but you won't go back there.

Look in your inventory and get your remote control.
This time click at the lower right triangle.
Look again at the port.
The way to Bagdad is open.
Walk through it to the mysteries of the East.

Till föregående sida

The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Atlantis 3 from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
Till nästa sida.The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.