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Adrian Blake a renown paleographer, skilled in ancient scripting, is wounded while on a spying mission for His Majesty the King, in Erevan, the capital of Armenia, one of the oldest cities in the world.

He seeks shelter in Mount Ararat to heal his wounds. The fever gives him strange dreams.
An ancient goddess Ishtar appears to him and promises to heal him but in exchange she wants his love and devotion.
Adrian rejects her and calls for help to his bride to be, Sophia, who is waiting for him in Edinburgh.
Ishtar is outraged and condemns him to wander through time and find and rescue his beloved in three of her past incarnations.
He found Sophia in her first incarnation in Pompei and saved her from the volcano eruption at August, 24:th 79 A.D.

But Ishtar is still enraged and Adrian continues searching in time for another incarnation of Sophia,
until he is awaked one day by the goddess

Adrian, arise, Sophia is in danger.
You can still save her but there is not much time left.
Arise Adrian, leave the oasis and go to the Holy City.


Adrian meets Ozdemir, saves him from the pillagers and is employed as spokesman.

Adrian awakes and finds himself in an oasis in the desert.
Walk around and look for things, that could be useful.
Walk towards the bees in the tree.
A mat is hanging there. It could be useful at nights. Take the mat.

Turn around and take the small stone at the fire, you could always throw it at something annoying you.
Near the fire you find a piece of a harness. Take that too.
Right click to open the inventory. Combine the stone with the harness and you get a sling. That is a much better weapon.

You must leave the oasis as the goddess told you.
Go forward towards the big hole, turn right and search until you get a go-arrow, leading towards the desert.
You see a man coming running. He falls exhausted into your arms and tells you his men have been killed by the pillagers and you have to hide because the pillagers are close by.

Take a step towards the hole.
One of the pillagers sees Adrian and calls out: "he went behind the sand dune".
Look at the upper right corner of the screen. You have got an hour-glass there.
This means the sequence is time limited and you must work quickly. You have got 30 seconds.
Are you too slow, you will get killed.
You might hide in the hole but you must use something to cover the hole to prevent the pillagers from seeing you. Get the mat and put it on the hole.

Take some sand at the right of the hole and put the sand at the mat.
Now you must remove your footsteps. Look at the left in front of the hole. There is a palm branch.
Take the branch. Look at the right of the hole and you'll see the foot prints.
Get the palm branch and use it on the prints.
If you have been quick enough Adrian takes the branch and wipes the footprints away. Both men jump into the hole and hide.
The pillagers walk around the oasis looking for them but don't see them.

You must try chasing away the pillager. Maybe the bees could help you.
Click at the mat to remove it. Now you can see better. Get the slingshot and click at the bee hive.
Adrian will throw the stone at the bee hive and all the angry bees surround the pillagers and chase them away.

When the pillagers are gone, Adrian and the stranger comes out of hiding.
Adrian cites a verse from the Koran.
Your God told the bees.
Set up your homes in the mountains among the trees and rocks.
Then you shall taste from all the fruits.The stranger is surprised that Adrian who is not a Moslem can cite the Koran.
He takes it as a sigh from his God, Allah.

The pillager have not taken all his belongings and he asks Adrian to share what is left. They sit down at the fire.
The stranger says his name is Ozdemir and asks Adrian who he is and where he comes from.
Adrian can only give his name bud Ozdemir is understanding.
A man can loose more in the desert than his way.
Ozdemir tells Adrian it is year 930 after Hegira and that they are but a day's walk from Jerusalem

Now you can talk to Ozdemir
Click at him and you'll get the subject Hegira. Click at it.
Ozdemir explains that Hegira is the start of their age.
On that day Muhammad left Mecca, place of his persecution, for Medina where his followers awaited him.
This happened in the month of September 622 of the Christian calender.
And this is the year 1552 after the day their Messiahs was born.
Adrian now realizes that The Holy City the goddess talked about must be Jerusalem and he asks Ozdemir to take him there.
Ozdemir says that he has a debt to pay because Adrian saved his life and that debt he must pay even if Adrian is an infidel.

Ask about Allah.
Allah is for the Moslems the one and only God.
As an explanation Ozdemir starts telling a story.
Once a Jew, a Christian and a Moslem were sitting at a fire in the desert talking about the great prophets of their religions.
Ozdemir draws a diagram in the sand, and asks Adrian to put the name of the first Prophet at the first place in the diagram.
Click at the drawing in the sand to zoom in on it.

Right click and you'll see that there are seven named written in Arabic in the inventory. Point at them and they are translated into English.
The first Prophet was Abraham. (Look it up it the encyclopedia if you want to know more.)
Find the name Abraham in inventory. You must put it at the first place in the diagram. Remember that Arabic is read from right to left. The first place must be the rightmost one. Click at the name Abraham in the inventory Then click at the place in the rightmost column, shown at the right picture.

Ozdemir agrees. All three men said that Abraham was the first prophet. (The Jews and the Christians thinks that Abraham an his son Isaac and grandson Jacob are the founders of their religion. The Moslems say that Abraham and his son Ishmael came to Arabia and founded Islam.)
Ozdemir asks Adrian to write the name of the second prophet..
Click with the name Moises at the second column.
"Right!" says Ozdemir. "All three could accept the name Moises." The Moslem says: "Mussa is a great Prophet."

But the Jew says: "It all ends here. Moses got the law from God and no one knows God's will better than Moses." Then he leaves the fire and departs into the desert.
The Christian and the Moslem remain at the fire.
Ozdemir asks Adrian to write the name of the man of God who came after Moses. Click with the name Jesus in the third column from the right.
Ozdemir says that the Christian and the Moslem could agree about the name of the man who the Moslems call Issa. But when the Moslem says that Issa was a great prophet, the Christian says that Jesus was God's son and that he got the New Word from God. No One could better know God's will than his own son. He leaves the fire and departs into the desert.
Only the Moslem remains at the fire.
Ozdemir now wants the name of the Prophet who came after Jesus. Click with the name Mohammed in the last column, the left one.
The Moslem says. Of course Mussa and Issa were admirable prophets but Mohammed came afterwords and Allah gave him the rest of the Word.

At last Ozdemir asks Adrian to write the names of the Holy Books under those of the Prophets.
Click at the name Torah and place it under Moses.
Click at the name Gospel and place it under Jesus.
Click at the name Koran and place it under Mohammed as is shown on the left picture above.
"Note that the Moslem is the only one to acknowledge the merits of all three Prophets and their words." says Ozdemir "Who was the wisest of these three men.?"
He answers himself: that the Moslem was the wisest not only because he was the only one remaining at the fire after the discussion but also because it is very foolish to leave the fire and walk alone into the cold desert."
Adrian objects that if the Moslem was so wise, he would have managed to keep everyone at the fire.
"Perhaps, " says Ozdemir "but to do that he would have had to write in the sand above Abraham the name of the Almighty in a way that everyone would agree with. If you can find out how to do this, you are the wisest of them all."

Take the water jug and the bowl. Combine them in the inventory to mag a bowl with water.
Put the bowl with water on the diagram in the sand.

Adrian points at the bowl where the starry sky is mirrored.
"This is, earth, water and heaven, this is God." Than he makes a lighted candle float on the water.

"And fire is the faith that Allah ignites in the heart of men." says Ozdemir. "You are a wise man Adrian, do you speak other languages besides Arabic." When Adrian tells him he also speaks Latin, Greek Hebrew and French. Ozdemir thanks Allah for having sent Adrian to him. He tells Adrian that he has a delicate matter to attend to in Jerusalem and asks Adrian to act as his spokesman.
It suits Adrian perfectly. Maybe Ozdemir in return can help Adrian with his mission, to find and save Sophia.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Jerusalem, from Cryo
The pictures are taken from the game.
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