"You can't free me.

Don't even try.

I'm Charles Santo.

I was on Tomlin's team.

Started it all, persuaded them to take things.

It wasn't looting.

You have to understand.

We were getting nowhere.

We didn't know about Matia then, but I agreed with Tomlin, with all this tech, there had to be watch systems.

We had to do something, make them act.

Should have known better.

Angela's texts said the Wanderer was called the treasure beyond price.

I knew 'treasure' translated as 'ultimate gift'.

That's its older name, the Good Servant, might well refer to a doomsday function.

Save the planet, save the people, or destroy everything.

Well, you got this far.

You might still have a chance.

Richard Hovis came here too.

Couldn't free me but found out a lot.

This village—Matiani—makes dimensional shifts, if you can find the right transfer sequence.

Shifting the village is an important approach protocol, Hovis said.

They're the words he used.

Said it's something to do with the houses.

You have to enter each one twice, but exit only once.

He was very pleased with himself.

Very excited about it.

Enter twice, exit once.

He said he finally worked out how to get through to the Wanderer, there, on the other side of the dam.

Said he knew the special safety measures for approaching and unlocking it.

He wouldn't say what they were.

He said the rest of us were wrong.

Didn't understand that unlocking the Wanderer would destroy us all.

Well, I'm still not convinced.

I say unlock it, find out one way or another.

Hovis promised to come back, but he never did.

At least you're able to go over there and find out for yourself.

If you succeed, come back for me.

Promise you'll come back."

"I'm glad you came.

Some of us, a few of us, have learned your language.

You are on the doorstep of our sanctuary.

The decision is yours: the Wanderer or the Good Servant.

Which will it be?"

"So that's your decision.Well, so be it [...]

there's still time to save your friends, but you must hurry.Get to the balloon and [...]

Matia will do what it must.Think well of us. And remember we tried to[...]"