The hidden room

You are back in the hidden room and the scientist is waiting to hear about the secret.
When you start talking about directions he gets angry and tells you to return and find the secret.

Open the inventory and get the scull.

The Bubble-maze

Click when you see the scull on the screen and you'll return to the bubble-maze.
This time just take the second way to the left, the one with three big bubbles

Click at the round bubble to the right of the way and you'll enter the corridor
Now you must follow the dolphins instructions.
First door on the left.
Third door on the right.
Forth door on the left.
Third door on the left.
First door on the right.
Sixth door on the left.

The pool

Finally when you go through the last door you come to a garden with a pool. A man and a women are waiting for you.
You have to talk to them both but it must be in the correct order else you have to start all over talking to them.
When you regain control go to the woman and talk to her. Choose the subject of the two persons.

The man interjects and says "Come child."
Go to him and wait until he speaks to you. After that talk to him and first choose the scull.
After that talk about yourself and then about the earth.

The woman interjects, Go and talk to her and choose the arrows.
Then speak to her about the gift. (The first icon on the left.)
She tells you it is in the pool.
There is only one place where you can jump into the pool.
Follow the shore to the right until you come to a big bush.

Walk into the water.
You dive down and swim until you find the gift, the gleaming Omega-staff.

The hidden room

When you return to the hidden room the scientist is pointing his gun at you.
So much for his promise to let you and the Targui free.
You can't go anywhere. You can't go through the teleport and the remote control doesn't function.
The only thing left is the Omega-staff. Take it.

The bubble-maze

You are taken back to the bubble-maze.
Take the second way to the right.
Turn around and talk to the dolphin.
When there are no subjects left click at the bubble to the right.


Outside the desert cave

You are returned to the desert but this time outside the cave.
Turn around and you'll see two tents.
Between them there is a guard but luckily he is facing away.
On the left tent lies a torch. Pick it up.
Use the torch on the guard and you'll knock him down.

Turn right towards the tents. At the left tent, you can see the Targui in bond and the guard unconscious on the ground between the tents.
Examine the guard. Take the key in his belt and the knife near his outstretched hand.

Look between the tents. Something is hanging on the pole. Take it. It is another key.
Go to the Targui and use the knife on him to cut his bonds.

Talk to him about everything. Use all subjects several times until he repeats himself.
He can't drive but he tells you to just drive through the gate where the guard is.
Turn right and walk down to the left jeep, the one with the machine gun.
Use one of the keys on the dashboard. If it is the wrong key just use the other one.

The girl and the Targui enter the car but the guard is up and about again and starts to stop them.
Quickly, the girl drives away. The guard shoots at the car but they get away.

She drives through the gate and soon they have found a safe place in the desert.
The Targui tells her that he is going to free the well but she says that first she will tell him a secret.

If you want to know how the story ends, you must ask the camel and the moon.

Till föregående sidaTill nästa sida.

The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Atlantis 3 from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.