Arabian Nights

You are taken right into the setting of the Arabian Nights and Sheherezade is just starting to tell the Sultan a new story.
It is about a young man who has come to the garden at a merchant's palace hidden in a pot.

The Merchant's Palace

You happen to be this young man and you have to try to leave the palace without alerting anyone.
A black cat is meowing beside you and you have to make the cat go away before the guard gets sight of you.
Look to your right. Move the lid of the pot.

The cat jumps to the pot and gets himself a fish. You do your best to make him go away to another place.

Get out from the pot when the cat is gone.
Turn right and take one step forward. Then turn left and pick up a stone from the ground.
Save your game.
Turn left again and throw the stone towards the small tower.


Now you must act very quickly else you are caught by the guard.
Turn left and go towards the ladder. Pick it up and put it in the inventory,.
Turn right and go to the balcony.
Get the ladder and place it against the balcony.
Climb the ladder.

You emerge into a corridor.
Save your game again.
Take a step towards the double doors.
The cat comes and is friendly but then he jumps onto a vase and turns it over.
Of course the guard is alerted.
Hurry through the double doors before he finds you.

You are in the daughter's bedroom.
When she hears the guard coming she tells you to hide under her bed.
To the guard she says the she has neither seen nor heard anything.
You have already fallen in love and promise to get her anything she wants.

All she wants is a long stemmed rose, black as the night.
You know about a wizard having a garden outside town and you hurry over the roofs to get there.

The Wizard's Garden

At last you reach the last wall and see the garden in all its splendor on the other side. 

Turn around. Some stairs lead to a corridor.
Walk to the end of the corridor and you'll find a stick.
Pick it up.
Then turn around and exit the same way you came in.

Walk straight to the small house.
A beautiful dancer surrounded by a red light is standing in the doorway.
Take a step forward.

Oops!. A gruesome guard jumps out from a pot and blocks the way. No use bothering him.
Turn around and take one step forward. Then turn left and walk to the end of the terrace.
Walk down the steps.

Another house and another dancer. This time surrounded by a green light.
Take one step forward.
Same thing happens here. A Guard pops up and blocks the way.
Return up to the terrace.

Walk to the middle of the terrace. Then turn right and walk down the steps.
To the right you'll see a third small house and a third dancer. This time the light is blue.
Take a step forward. A third guard pops up from nowhere and blocks you way.

Go towards the big tower in the middle of the garden and walk up the stairs.
A locked gate prevents you from entering. There is probably a key to it somewhere.

Turn right and walk down the steps at that side.
In front of you is a gazebo. Enter it.
You can see a container with a round hole. Evidently you are supposed to put something there.
You don't have anything yet so try to find something.

Walk through the gazebo and exit at the other side.
You'll see a sort of container. You can also see that you should use something on it, that you haven't found yet.
Walk through the stone pillars into the corner.
A weird creature is guarding a something that lies in a hole in the wall.
He won't let you near it.


Look up. There is a cage hanging over his head.
If you can lower the cage and catch the creature you might get hold of the treasure.
Look down to your left and pick up the white orb.

Enter the gazebo and put the white orb in the hole.
You'll see a maze. Two unicorns are standing in the lower right corner. Click at them and they start to run through the maze. When they come into a blind corridor, however, they are stopped and vanish. You must find a way to guide them through the maze.
At the bottom you see four small balls. You shall put them in the maze to make the unicorns take the right way. Since the unicorns vanish when thy are blocked the balls must lure them to come their way. A simple test confirms this.

It is rather easy to find out how to place the balls to prevent the unicorns from entering blind corridors. But if you need help you can look at the picture to the left and see exactly where to put the small balls.
When the unicorns have happily exit the maze you get a horn. Pick it up.

Go down to the container and use the horn at it. You hear a sound.
Enter the corner. The cage has come down and captured the creature.
Walk to the hole in the wall and pick up the treasure.

The box contains three different colored stones, one blue, one red and one green.
It must have something to do with the three dancers. You should give them a stone each. But you can't do this because of the guards.
Instead, exit the corner and walk forward close to the wall until you reach a pool.
There you'll see a monkey juggling three small sticks. Of course you are supposed to get the sticks. But first you have to find something to give the monkey in return. 

Walk to the other side of the pool just across the monkey. Look up and you'll see a bunch of bananas. Use the long stick on the bananas and one comes tumbling down but disappears.
Look down, and pick up the banana lying close to the path around the pool.

Return to the monkey and give him the banana.
He throws the sticks away, takes the banana and disappears.

Pick up the sticks. Then look at them in the inventory. They have the same color as the jewels. Maybe you shall use the sticks on the guards. Worth a try.
Go through the Snake Tower to the little blue house.
Use the stick on the guard. It works, the guard disappears and you can enter the house

Talk to her.
She wants a jewel.
Since everything is blue here, give her the blue sapphire.

She gives you a silver key in return.
Exit the house and walk up to the terrace.
Turn left and walk down to the small green house.
Use the green stick on the guard and he gets out of your way.

Go to the dancer. Talk to her and then give her the green emerald.
She gives you a scroll.
Look at it in the inventory. It looks like the game board in a dice game. A lot of steps, with or without pictures, lead upwards to a tower.

Walk to the other side of the terrace to the red house. Use the red stick on the guard and when he has vanished enter the red room.
Talk to the dancer and give her the red ruby.
In return she gives you a bronze key.

Go to the gate in the Snake tower. You have two keys. Test them.
The bronze key is the one that opens the door and lets you enter.
At the same time you can see Sheherezade telling the story to the sultan.


You are standing in a staircase and at the step above is a strange creature, but it seems friendly. It even tries to kiss you. He wants to play a game but before you begin take a look at the map in your inventory.
There you see the staircase leading upwards to a tower. On some of the steps there are painted figures. It looks and functions as an ordinary dice-game where you go forward as many steps as you get points on the dices, and when you come to a painted figure you either go forward or backward depending on the figure. You don't get any rules in the game, you have to figure them out for yourself.
If you don't want to do that, here is the solution.

You don't throw dices, instead a monkey picks up a coconut, climbs a palm tree and starts sliding down the trunk. If you click the mouse while he is still sliding he throws the nut on one of the heads in the water. The longer he throws the lower point you get. If you click just at he starts sliding you get 1 point and if you wait until he is nearly down you get six points. You have a possibility to choose which point you want but it may take some training before you are an expert.
If you land on a star, the moon or the sun you are moved upwards. If you land on a snake you go down instead. You have to beat your buddy to the tower.

You can play at random or use a strategy.
Here you are showed a strategy to win in five moves. It is important that you save your game when you have made a successful move. You must have a game to return to, if you don't get the points you want.

The problem is that your buddy is allowed to move six steps each time. You can't just plan for yourself you must also consider how your buddy will move.
If you look at the map you can see that you are seven steps from the first star and your buddy only six.
Whatever points you get he is going to land at the star and can go ten steps forward.
At the picture to the left you can see how it looks if you get 2 points in your first move.
It is not as hopeless as it looks though. Your buddy is now standing six steps from the snake, meaning that in the next move he is propelled back ten steps.
You must in your next move land on the star and be allowed to go forward ten steps. In this case you must get five points. (What you must get depends on what you got in your last move. Together the two moves shall equal seven.) Remember to save the game.

When you land on the star you are propelled upwards to your new position.
Look at the map after each move to see where you and your buddy are standing.
The picture at the right shows your positions after the second move. Save the game.
If you next time get two points you land on the moon and can go forward again but so can your buddy.

To the left you can see where you land if you in your third move get two points. Your buddy is one step higher. Save the game.
Look at the map. You can see another star some steps further on. That star is placed exactly ten steps from the tower. If you can land on that star, you will go directly to the top.
From where you stand now it is exactly 12 steps to the star, you can reach it by getting six points twice. Your buddy also will move 12 steps, but he will land on the step after the star and is not allowed to move forward.
At the right picture you can see where you both stand after getting your first six points.
Save the game then get yourself another six points.

Now you are at the tower, but the door is locked.
Use your silver key and the door will burst and be transformed into a flying mat.
Jump on board and you are taken to one of the stars in the sky.

You come to a house on a platform hovering in the sky. 

The mat stops in front of a window.

You can't see the men in the room just their shadows, but it is clear, that one of them has got a crystal skull and taken a trip into it, but like the scientist in the camp, he has hot been able to remember what the dolphin told him.
Then you are taken down and can enter the tower.
The staircase is guarded by some terrible snakes. Are you brave enough to pass them?

When you try to pass them you are caught in a mist and swept away.
Sheherezade tells the sultan that you are taken to a star far away, and have to find out where you are in order to find the nearest way back.

When you gain control you are in a small room with a star-map on the floor. Through the four windows you can see four different star-constellations and a picture on the wall shows a fifth one, The Snake. This must be the one where you saw the crystal skull.
You can't be on any of these five constellations. If you mark them all on the map maybe you can find the star on which you are at the moment.


On the picture to the left you can see all five constellations traced.
When you have traced them all they are dimmed and just one star is shining bright.
That must be the star where you are, but where shall you go.

That has to be the snake-constellation, the snakes in the staircase prevented you from entering.

Trace the nearest way from the shining star to the top of the snake-constellation as on the left picture.
As soon as you have done that you are returned to the staircase and the snakes have vanished.
Walk upstairs

Look around. There is a big cabinet with a lot of drawers. They are marked with triangles in different positions. If you click at a drawer another drawer with the same pattern is opened or closed. Four of the drawers are framed. You have to open just those four drawers.
This game is very tricky. You must try until you find which drawer of each pattern opens the framed one. Then you must find the right order in which to open them.
If you want help, look at the right picture. There you can see in which order to click the drawers.

When all the four framed drawers are opened you can open the four drawers at the bottom of the cabinet. Each drawer contains a scroll, take it.
When you have taken all the scrolls the cabinet turns and there are more drawers to open.
But now you have got some hints in which order to open them.
Look at the scrolls in your inventory. The first picture shows which four drawers to open. By comparing it with the other pictures you can decide in which order to open them.
If you need help, look at the right picture.


When you have opened the drawers in the right order the cabinet opens.
There is a lamp and a rag.
Take the rag and use it on the lamp.
A Genie appears and grants you one wish.

Of course your only wish is a black rose and it is granted immediately.

When you now look at the shelf you find a crystal-skull.
Pick it up.

You look into it and find yourself in the bubble-maze again.
Take the second way to the left. The one where you can see a big white bubble.

At the next platform you shall take the second way to the right, the one with the many bubbles.
Turn fully around and you'll meet the dolphin. Talk to him. He tells you to sell the crystal-skull and start your own business.
Then he gives you the last two instructions.
"The first door to the left.
The sixth door to the right."
To exit click at the big bubble to the right of the dolphin.

You are back in the room with the cabinet. Turn around and exit through the door.
The mat awaits you to take you back to Bagdad and to the merchant's house, where you can deliver the rose.

Sheherezade tells the sultan the rest of the story.
The young man sells the skull and starts to work as a merchant. Soon he is rich enough to marry the girl he loves.
But the sultan has been interested in the skull and wants to hear more ...

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Atlantis 3 from Cryo Interactive Entertainment.
The pictures are taken from the game. The homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.