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Adrian goes to Ibrahim's rooms, finds some secret documents,
gets a letter from Hayyat and asks the Sufi for help.

Corridor outside Ibrahim's room

On the map choose Corridor and you are taken to the corridor outside Ibrahim's room.
The janissary, his guard, prevents you from coming in. Talk to him. Whichever subject you choose you are thrown out, and find yourself back at the map. Choose corridor again.

This time you see an overview of the corridor with three niches at the upper side of the screen and Ibrahim's room at the far left. The guard is pacing to and fro in the corridor. Save your game.
Wait until the guard turns his back to you, then sneak into the first niche. Wait there until the guard turns his back towards you again. Then first go out in the corridor then sneak into the second niche.
Repeat all this once again and go into he third niche. As soon as the guard passes you hurry to Ibrahim's door and enter the room.

Ibrahim's room

Turn left and you'll see a niche on the left wall. Go there. Look closer and you'll see it there is a chest inside.

The door is locked with a code lock with three digits. Hopefully the code is hidden somewhere in the room so start seeking for it. Turn left and look at the wall. There hangs a sword in a scabbard.

Click and drag the blade out of the scabbard. Read the inscription MOHACS 932. This must be the code you are searching for.

Return to the code lock and enter 932. The door opens. Take the chest.

Look at it in inventory. You have to pick the lock. It usually works with some sharp thing. Try to find something somewhere.

Go into the other room. Go to the right window. Take the knife. Use it on the box. It doesn't work. It is too thick.

Turn around and go forward to the small table at the right of the door.
Take the needle. Use the needle on the box. It doesn't work either. Adrian says it is too thin, you must find a way to thicken it. Search the room for things you could use.

At the table where you found the needle there is a bowl of sugar. With sugar and water you could make caramel and by dipping the needle into the caramel you could make the caramel cling to the needle and make it thicker. Take the sugar and you get the spatula at the same time. Now you need some water. Turn around and look at the small table behind you. Take the ewer.

Turn around again, look at the cauldron on another small table. Use the ewer one the cauldron to put the water into it.
Now you need some water. Turn around and look at the small table behind you. Take the ewer. Turn around again, look at the cauldron on another small table. Use the ewer one the cauldron to put the water into it. . But you have to heat the mixture to make caramel. Take the brazier, the empty cauldron from under the big one.

Go to the fire in the outer room. Use the brazier on it to get some hot coals. Put the brazier back on its place.

Put the sugar into the water. Now it is time to stir the mixture.
Get the spatula and use it in the mixture. Adrian stirs the mixture and it thickens to caramel.

Use the needle in the caramel Adrian dips the needle into the caramel a couple of times until he thinks that it is thick enough.

Use the thickened needle on the box and Adrian picks the lock.

Look inside the box. There is a second box and three documents. Take the documents, then look in the second box, it contains a vial of poison.

Read the three letters. One is from Hayyat , one from the governor and one from Layla the Governors second wife.
Hayyat's letter.
O Ibrahim, first of my Disciples. When you find this letter your men will have finally freed me from this unsavory jail where I was left to rot, and our plan will have begun. I am making a last-minute change, I think that the place we decided upon as a hiding place for the Governor's daughter and me, is not safe enough. I am changing it therefore. I shall not tell you where it is as I have not made my final decision myself. When the time comes I shall tell those who shall follow the trail I have led, where it is. Whatever happens it will be in a holy and forbidden place, a sort of sanctuary, a place that is worthy of the grand finale that I have prepared. Thank you for your help, Disciple, and rest assured that you shall have a good place in the books that the scribes of all nations shall extract from my Work.

The Governor's letter.
22 Nissan 956
My Friend
I know what pain I must have inflicted, by refusing the hand of Hykmah, my beloved daughter, to you. It hurts both of us too, as I do not know a more noble suitor than you. For you to be a member of my family would have been only right after all of these years passed so faithfully in supporting me with your advice, and seeing me through the cruel tests that I have met, the deaths of my sons and of my sweet and beautiful Layla.
However, Allah has not yet rewarded you with descendants. Hykmah is now my only child and my only hope of perpetuating my family lineage. You will understand if I reserve her for a man I am sure will make me a grandfather. May the thought of my eternal friendship allow you to continue to strive for our common good which I trust is what you hold most dear.

Layla's letter.
8 Muharran 939
Ibrahim, a note to tell you how tired I am yet again suffer the base effrontery of your ridiculous courtship. I had hoped that with time, your mad passion would abate or that, at least; my maternity would muzzle your infamous concupiscence.
But once again your indecent proposals have disturbed the happiness I enjoy with my husband and child. Your manners, your looks, your simple presence are unbearable for me.
I hope, however, to be able to stifle scandal, by giving you two days to leave. Beyond that time I shall not hesitate to reveal everything about your conduct. I am sure your talents shall allow you to start a new life somewhere else. Thanks to Allah, our Empire is large enough for you to enjoy its vastness far away from us.

This really is very strange. Layla never revealed anything. She died. Was Ibrahim responsible for her death. He sure had a motive.

Save the game. Leave Ibrahim's room hiding in the three niches as before. You must run to the nearest niche as soon as you open the door. Don't hesitate or you will be taken by the guard.
When you get the map return to the Council Chamber.

Council Chamber

There you are told that Ibrahim has tried to poison the fire maker, he was arrested but has escaped.
Give the governor the letter from Hayyat, the only one you have left in inventory.
The Governor needs no more proof of Ibrahim's guilt but he can't understand why these men has taken Hykmah.
Adrian asks Ozdemir if he knows what Sanctuary Hayyat is referring to. Ozdemir can't tell but advises Adrian to talk to the Sufi. He might know something.

When you get the map choose Library.


Talk to the Sufi.
When you say that you are looking for a Holy and Forbidden place he says that Haram-as-Sharif means just that. It is the Noble Wall the heart of Jerusalem where the Cathedral of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque can be found. The answer lies in the question.
But he also says you can only go there by thought, otherwise you would violate a law that even the Governor cannot abolish.
Well guided the imagination can be a very powerful instrument of knowledge, an introduction to other realities, and if you want to try an experiment he can open the doors to that place for you.
He tell you to close your eyes and the room vanishes and you find yourself at an empty place with an octagonal (eight-sided) inlaid floor with a rock in the middle.
The Sufi starts to instruct you, at least you think he does.
"To protect a Sacred Rock," he says, "a Rock that the followers of Allah say is the center of the world, and from which the Prophet leapt towards the Heavens, a Dome was built.
Become its new architect, and you shall be worthy enough to enter."

"Begin by circling the Rock with a ring of columns."
Go to the inventory. There you have five different things to build with. .
This first time click at the second from the right, and then click at the octagonal floor, and the columns are built.

"Build a second colonnade outside the first to create an ambulatory," the Sufi says.
This time there are only four things to choose from. Click at the rightmost one then click at the columns and the ambulatory is ready.

"Now raise the building Walls," the Sufi says.
Only three things remain in the inventory. Click at the leftmost one, then click it at the building and the walls are raised.

"Now cover the columns with a drum of stone, that sixteen windows shall pierce," the Sufi says. "
Choose the leftmost thing and click with it at the building and the drum is raised.

"Finally place the double cupola at the building," the Sufi says, "so you can admire the work that you have just recreated."

Choose the remaining thing, and click it at the building.

Now you can admire the Cathedral of the Rock that you have rebuilt all by yourself.

You are offered to make another construction. Just click and you are taken to another site.
"Release your hand, Architect," the Sufi says, "Take the building stones and rebuild Al-Aqsa, the largest Mosque in Jerusalem."

"First draw the central nave, then surround it with two rows of columns."
Choose the rightmost building stone in inventory and click it at the screen to get the base.
The pictures show the result when you have followed the given instruction.

"Extend the base with two naves," the Sufi says.
First click the rightmost building stone on the picture, then do the same thing once again to get the two naves.

"Seven arcades must now make up the port," the Sufi says,. Click at the leftmost building stone and the porch is built.

"Make a transept at the end of the nave," the Sufi says, "and cover their crossing point with a cupola."

First click at the building with the leftmost building stone to make the transept, than click with the remaining one to put the cupola in place.

Now you can visit both the Cathedral and the Mosque.

When you want to leave go down the steps and the Sufi tells you to open your eyes.
You are back in the library and the Sufi says that the Divine Providence has ensured you are greatly endowed with the virtues of imagination.
"I have seen and done some strange things," Adrian says , "but the places you made me cross were empty of all human presence."
"I have not said a single word since you closed your eyes," the Sufi answers, "Anyway forget that, let that be your mystery."
As Adrian has nothing more to talk to the Sufi about, leave the Library and when you get the map go to the Council Chamber.

Ozdemir tells Adrian that Hayyat has acted. At daybreak the guards found a message to Adrian left on the steps.

Hayyat writes:
"To the Roumi that Providence has placed in my path as it sent Simon Peter to the meeting with Christ and Bilal to Mohammed.
Since only you have discovered how to follow the path I drew, it is up to you to bring me the Ram, the Fish and the Lion. Come with them to the entrance of the quarries of Solomon. I shall be waiting for you there and you shall become the second of my Disciples."

Talk to the Governor and ask him all questions.

The Ram often represents the Jewish people. The first Christians took the Fish as their sign of recognition, and the Lion is an animal which is greatly respected in the lands of Islam.

Ozdemir says that the quarries of Solomon lies a little outside the city, near the ramparts. The Governor wants to immediately search the mines but Adrian asks him to wait. He thinks Hayyat is using Hykmah to deliver a message of union to them. Hayyat will not harm her. But Hayyat does not yet know that Ibrahim has betrayed him. If he is angered no one knows how he may react. It is better to do as he asks.

Hayyat speaks of a disciple in his letters and Adrian wants to know if he means Ibrahim.
Ozdemir says that it is difficult to say, obviously the Chamberlain is the key to many things and Ozdemir does not fully understand his role. Adrian thinks it is a combination of resentment, frustration and jealousy. Even the most hardy souls can sometimes succumb.

Adrian has begun to understand what Hayyat wants and asks the Governor to send for Imam Abd el-Wahid, Archimandrite Palamede and Rabbi Kalonymus. The four of them will go to the quarries of Solomon and Adrian promises the Governor that, together, the Ram, the Fish and the Lion will bring Hykmah back to her father.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the gameJerusalem, from Cryo
The pictures are taken from the game.
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