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Adrian takes the Ram, the Fish and the Lion to the quarries of Solomon
and saves Hykmah whose name in ancient Greek is Sophia.

The quarries of Solomon

You are taken to the quarries where the three priests are awaiting you.
They start to arguing about their different faiths but Adrian tells them to stop. They are there to save a young girl and it is time to cooperate.

Turn around and take a step forward.

Take the parchment on the stairs.

Then turn left and take the bucket.

Read the parchment in inventory.
There are pictures of the Ram, the Fish and the Lion and the text reads:

That together the Ram, the Fish and the Lion point out the right direction and protect the witnesses.
Going from Ramses the sons of Israel camped at Soukkoth.
Stand up. To the hip the truth as belt, the law for armor. Take mainly the shield of Faith. It will allow you to fight all the fire missiles of the devil.
May the impious know we've prepared a big fire for them.

Turn around and talk to the three men. Ask Kalonymus about the Ram's sentence. The Rabbi says that it seems easy to understand. They are at a fork in the path, Hayyat is asking them to take the right path, as our ancestors were led to the east when they left Egypt.

Ask Palmede about the Fish's sentence. He says that it is Saint. Paul describing the spiritual armor of the Believer in his epistle to the Ephesians.

Ask al-Wahid about the Lion's sentence. The Imam says it comes from the Koran and Adrian thinks it is a phrase that could be warning them against Fire.
Adrian think that Hayyat seems to be insisting on the shield of Faith but Palmede warns him to suspect everything from a man who has not hesitated to kidnap a woman.

Turn round again and follow Kalonymus advice to take the right tunnel.
There is a fire in your way and the men hesitate to go any further, Adrian asks them to think about Hykmah, she cannot be much further and that they here can find all they need to pass the fire.

Turn left and pick up the planks.

Then use the planks on the front of the wagon.

The planks are placed around the wagon as a shield.
Just go forward and they all will jump into the wagon and go unharmed through the fire.

Go forward and you come to a new fork. This time take the left tunnel and go forward.

Soon you are stopped by a big hole in the ground.

Look down. There are some slabs featuring the symbols for the three religions in different orders. Click at the one bearing, from top to bottom, the symbols Ram, Fish, Lion.

The arch crumbles and the stones fill the hole in the ground.

Walk forward.

Continue forward until you come to a grilled padlocked door. Look down. There are some slabs too, featuring the same symbols as before but this time with a hole in the middle. There are also some sticks lying on the floor. Pick up the sticks and look at them in inventory.

Get the one marked Ram, fish, Lion and use it at the slab with the same symbol, it is the lowest of them. The stick is too thin you must try to make it bigger. Put the stick in the water-bucket in inventory. It will swell and is now called modified Ram, Fish, Lion.

Use the swelled stick at the hole in the same slab as before. Now it works and you can lift the cover. Underneath there is a key. Take it.
Now use the key to open the padlock.

Take a step inside and you meet Hayyat
He is rather loquacious.
"But who do I see approaching, the Jew, the Christian and The Moslem, walking side by side, despite the tests and dangers they have faced. And what was the purpose of this union that all thought impossible. Well, to save the most precious thing, the ultimate cause, the supreme value - human life. A simple life of a young girl perhaps, but a unique life, a breath, that nothing would have replaced ever. O, Eternal God of Abraham, of Jesus and of Mohammed, see the work of your servant, Hayyat the madman, he alone has managed to reunite your separated sons."

Adrian gets impatient and asks where Hykmah is.
"She is there in the shadows awaiting my sign," answers Hayyat, She is safe and sound, and she carries the dagger of Abraham. But she will only come out once those, that you lead, have finally sworn allegiance to the new Faith, of which they are now the witnesses and the messengers. - The Faith in the union of all the sons of God, behind the flag of love of Mankind."

You do not practise what you preach, Hayyat," Adrian says, "you abducted a young child and you placed obstacles in front of those who want to return her to her father's arms."

"Without danger how can you test your faith," Hayyat answers, " without threat how can you unite, That is also the path of love, Roumi, discovering that in such danger, the other, the foreigner, to whom you did not speak, he whom you believed to be your enemy, is above all a brother, with whose help you manage to overcome all obstacles.

While he is speaking Ibrahim and Hykmah enters. Ibrahim snatches Abraham's dagger from Hykmah and puts it at her throat.
"The path of love you say, Hayyat" he yells, "If you do not yet know that the only rewards given to love are envy, ingratitude and mockery, then you are truly senile."

Hayyat is shocked, "Ibrahim, my disciple," he wails, "but what are you doing?"

"I have some to add my contribution to your works," hisses Ibrahim. "But it will not have the face you drew for it, when I came to see you in prison. They will find the bodies of all of you in these grottoes and Soliman shall never forgive the governor for this."
He turns to Adrian. "Even though you found me out Roumi, There is nothing more you can do to save Hykmah."

When you get control click at Hayyat. Then click at the Word Hykmah.

"We came to save live, Hayyat," Adrian cries out. It is up to you to help us now."

Hayyat rusches to Ibrahim and attacks him and Ibrahim turns against him and stabs him. Adrian jumps Ibrahim from behind and knocks the dagger out of his hands. The dagger flies all over the cave and scatters at he ground.

The Garrison Garden

Next time we see them they are all gathered in the Governors garden.
"You promised that the dagger of Abraham fell into dust in front of your eyes," The Governor asks.
"Yes, your Excellency," answers the Rabbi. "Well I mean, no. If it disintegrated it could not have been the Patriarch's dagger."

"Obviously," agrees the Archimandrite. "A holy relic would not break thus."

"And that is how this stupid Quarrel that threatened the peace of our communities ended" concludes the Imam. "Jews, Christians and Moslems, will again live together and do business with each other."

"As the relic was a fake," Ozdemir says, "my presence here is no longer needed. I shall return to Istanbul and reassure our Emperor as soon as possible. Adrian, do you wish to accompany me, I am certain that you ...
But where has my young Roumi gone? "

"He was with me just a second ago, Shavush," Hykmah says, "He asked me a strange question smiled, then moved aside a little, then disappeared. He asked me if I know what my name was in Ancient Greek."

"Your name in Greek," says Ozdemir, "it is Sophia."

Twice now Adrian has travelled in time to Save Sophia from danger, but the Goddess has not yet forgiven him. He must first pass the final test but when and where that will be only Cryo knows.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the gameJerusalem, from Cryo
The pictures are taken from the game.
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