Amystical Journey


On June 24, 2083 the spaceship Tarquin and its human crew , landed for the first time on the planet Argilus. They found towns and cities, evidence of fascinating alien technology but all was abandoned. There was clear evidence that the inhabitants had only just departed. There were unlocked doors and food at the tables. Strange machinery was still working. But no people anywhere.
Earth Central wanted answers to all their questions. The planet was put under quarantine and nearly 100 persons, all qualified specialists were sent there. Three bases were built. Base 1 at Bosh's Tunnels, under Dr. Angela Davies. Base 2 at Symphony harbour under Dr. Gustav Tomlin and Base 3 at Rainbow Landing under Dr. Frances Bremmer.
The active planetary magnetosphere made direct communication with Earth impossible. At first they could use shuttles to return to the mother ship and broadcast from there but after three weeks Tarquin fell silent and vanished from the radar scans. The teams on Argilus were totally cut off from Earth. After this scientists began to go missing. One by one they started disappearing. Every day the surviving ones had to discover who had vanished this time.

After four months the mission supply ship Angel approaches Argilus to make its first follow-up contact. The crew, the two space and xeno specialists Sam Mainey and Hannah Grant can't get any response from the planetary bases. There is no sign of the expedition mother ship.

Sam takes the ship in a much closer orbit where Angel's enhanced com system should be able to raise someone. There is still no response. The com systems seem to be online and operational but no one answers. It is as if the science teams have all vanished. .
Sam knows that he now must abort the landing withdraw to a safe distant and contact Earth for further instructions.
When he tries to do so Angel's main systems fail. Com and engines are out. The ship's orbit is beginning to decay. Hannah and Sam are forced to use their life-pods and abandon ship.

They agree to meet at Base 1 and adjust their life-pods accordingly but things they can't control makes them land quite some distance from each other. Their radio links are operational but atmospheric interference makes communication impossible. They set their links on record so that the missing comrade can access it later.
Hannah has landed in an Island World. Sam has landed in a world of balloons, floating high above the continents

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Schizm - Mysterious Journey,
from L. K. Avalon. The pictures are taken from the game.
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