4 - Bosch


Searching for a base-station

Exit the fish-balloon. Sam immediately tries to contact Hannah and this time he is successful. This means the are both at the same island but at different places.
Hannah tells Sam she is trapped and he promises to find a way to assist her. The fine thing is that Sam and Hannah always have access to everything they both have found out even if they are at different places.
One of the scientific bases is here at Bosh. Might be a good idea go looking for it. Turn right look down at some stairs. Follow them and go F, R, F, L and enter the lift.

Turn left and pull the handle to go up. Continue forward until you reach a three-lumped door. It is partly open but you can't enter. Go L, F, R. There is a similar door.

Zoom in on the golden circuit to the right of the door. Click at the center-button.
The door opens to a tunnel. Go through and you'll see Bosh's Temple.
To the right a catwalk leads to a stone-pillar.

Firstly turn left and see Base 1, lead by Angela Davies. Frances Bremmer (or her ghost) said that Angela had found something interesting here at Bosh. It seems impossible to reach the base, better examine the temple.
Turn right and pass the catwalk. Continue forward up and down stairs until you find yourself at a tunnel with a monorail.

A new number-system

Turn right and go forward. Notice the yellow symbol at the wall. Turn right again and go forward. Follow the narrow catwalk.

You find a thing with a green domed lid. Click at it to seat down, then pull the handle to open the lid.
Look at the three instruments and note down the symbols you see.
The brown plate is scaled from 0 to 10. If you look at the last symbol and compare it with the first two symbols you can see that the last symbol is formed by the other two the same way we use. The number system on this instrument is a position-system with base 10. You can also see that the symbol looking like a dumb-bell has the height 10.
The lower horizontal scale is graded from 0 to 50. You read the tens in the upper row. It measures the symbol written under the scale.
The uppermost instrument can be moved to measure heights and the seat can be rotated so you can measure different objects.
You can't learn more this time so leave the platform and enter the catwalk.
Go forward until you can go no further then go: R, F, F, F, L, F, L, F, L.

A language lesson with prayer-grinders and colors

Zoom in at the pillar in front of you.
Press the button to call a wagon. Click at the wagon to enter it.

Pull the right lever and get a ride. When the wagon stops walk forward into the black tunnel.
Take one step forward and you are in a room with eight prayer-grinders in a circle. Go to them each in turn. All are different. Note down the differences. In the picture below I have numbered the grinders from 1 to 8 starting with the one I saw first when I entered the circle. You can start where you like best but remember your choice. Every grinder is standing on a chest with a small frame showing a color. The picture below shows the original colors but you can get other colors by pulling at the frame. Click at the grinder and you can her two different words. The first is the name of the grinder. It is always the same. The second word is the name of the color shown. If you change the color, the name changes. Note down a phonetic description of all the names of the grinders and of the colors. At the picture below you can see my notes.

When you thinks you know the words exit between the grinders 7 and 8. Go through the tunnel, hop into the wagon, pull the lever and return to the plaza

Bosh Temple

Go to the tunnel with the monorail and follow it inwards.
You com to a small plaza at the temple pool.
The temple is built with two floors round the pool.
Notice the way you take in the temple because later, you have to return the same way.
Turn left and take two steps forward. Look left and notice the niche with eight prayer-grinders. Go R, F, R and forward up the stairs. Turn left and enter the room.

There is a picture of an Asian priest and behind it a picture of a bee.

There is also a picture showing the symbol for number 9 from the flask in the Island World.
Turn around and exit the room. Turn left and go forward down the stairs.
Turn right. Go forward and look left to see another niche with eight prayer-grinders.
The grinders are placed in the same order as in the first niche, but the colors are different..
Turn right and go forward two steps.

Turn left to a spiral staircase. Walk upwards as far as you can. Then turn right and go forward to the second floor.

Turn right and go forward. Look left. At the wall is a painting of a man measuring something. But you can't get a close look so turn right, go forward and turn left to a dark room. Enter it

Look at the right wall. It is the same painting you saw in the corridor. Zoom in to get a closer look.
Do you recognize something in the painting.
It must be the instrument with the green domed lid, you found at the platform. The man is measuring something that looks like a pillar.
Zoom in on the triangle at the top of the painting. This must be about uniformity. A simple mathematical problem, Three of the symbols on the painting are known to you but not the forth one.

Look at the left wall. There is your unknown symbol and also five instruments. You must be meant to calculate this symbol on five different things, but which are these things. Better return to the instrument and find out.
(I you want to you can proceed and look into the next room to find another wiped mission-log.)
Now return to the plaza the same way you came. (If you want help go like this from the point where you look at the log. R, F, F, F, L, F, L, D (look down), F (down the stairs), F, R, F, F, F, L, F (up the stairs) F (down the stairs), L, F, F, F.)
Turn around and enter the tunnel and you are back at the plaza.

The Triangle-Puzzle

Enter the platform and click at the lid to seat down. Look down and pull the handle to open the instrument.
At the picture of the triangle below I have named some points with letters to make it easier to name the distance I want to measure.
Zoom in on the brown scale. It shows that the distance named AB at the picture below is exactly 10 units.

The man on the painting is measuring some sort of pillar. Look around and you'll see five different pillars that you can zoom in on.
In the temple room there were five instruments showing the same symbol.

The distance BC, (marked with the same symbol as that on the wall) represents the height of the thing to be measured.
You must measure the height of these five pillars.

Turn your seat and zoom in on the first pillar, counted from the wall. Measure the height by pulling the red line to the top of the pillar. The height is 4.
Zoom in at the lower scale to measure the distance BD
First click the button named 0 to reset the scale. Then click the button named + and you can read the length of the distance BD.
The upper row shows the tenths the row below shows the units. Compare the symbols with the ones on the brown scale and you can see that the length is 45.
The distance AD is 10+45=55.
Now you can use the laws of uniformity to calculate the length of the distance DE.
BC/AB = DE/AD. Since AB always is 10 we get: DE=BCxAD/10.

Zoom in on the remaining four pillars, measure their heights and read the corresponding distance at the appropriate scale. Put your measurements in a table like the one below.


Return to the temple and go to the room with the five instruments. Number them 1-5 from left to right as on the right picture, and enter the calculated height of DE for each pillar in this order. Drag your pointer to the left until the hand of the scale points at the correct number. When all the numbers are entered correctly a drawer opens and you get a circular plate. Take it.
You have solved the triangle-puzzle.
Exit the room. Go left and take the spiral stairs to the first floor. Enter the corridor and turn left. Take one step forward and look left. Eight prayer-grinders. Turn back, take one step forward and look left. A forth niche with eight prayer-grinders. All four sets of prayer-grinders have been placed in exactly the same order.
Turn right. You can't go any further so turn right again. Save your game you are going to need it.

The Prayer-Grinder Puzzle

You see a bridge leading to the other side of the pool passing a large statue . Go forward. When you come to the statue a priest appears. He says six words and disappears again. Listen carefully and note down what he says. If you haven't grasped the words, return to your saved game and listen again. Do this until you have grasped all six words. I had to do it many times and concentrate on one word at the time and at last I think it sounded like this: tossi, santoo, tolji, hurma, haan, tooma.
You have heard the words earlier when you listened to the prayer-grinders. Tossi, tulji and haan are grinder names the other three represents colors. You have better find some prayer-grinders. Turn right and follow the bridge to the other side of the pool. Turn right and take a step forward. Turn left and you'll see a fifth set of prayer-grinders. This time they are not standing in the same order as the previous four. This must mean that you shall study this set.

You have to identify the grinders named by the priest. Look at your notes or at my pictures. The easiest one to find is the lumpy one, haan, number 8 on the left picture. Tooma means green. Pull the frame until the green color is shown. Then find the other two grinders. Tossi is number 6 and tolji number 3. Look at the colors. When you changed the color on the first grinder, the colors on the other two grinders were set automatically. Now you must click at the grinders in the same order the priest named them, 6, 3, 8. You'll hear the words again and if they are correct you can see the secret door opening.

You can't reach the door from the bridge you must find another way. Zoom out and turn left. Take one step forward and enter the dark tunnel. You exit behind the statue. Go forward and turn left.

Bosh Tunnel

Enter the secret tunnel. Go forward and you'll come to the computer-organ. Sam contacts Hannah and gives his position and Hannah gives her. They are at exactly the same spot but they can't see or hear each other except by radio. Sam thinks this is what happened to the scientists. By some optical interference they have been isolated from each other. Now some of them are trying to break that wall wanting to help Hannah and Sam but with poor result.

Go to the big statue ( L, F, F, F, L, F, F, F, R.) Climb the statue. Point at the ring. The pointer changes to a claw and when you click, the round plate you got after solving the triangle-puzzle is placed in the ring. Climb down and look at the plate on the floor. Some new symbols are written on it. It must be coordinates to take the floating island to another location. Translated to our number system, the numbers in the first row are 10, 1, 9 and in the second row, 3, 12, 10.

A trip to the Island World

There is nothing more he can do here so Sam decides to visit the Island World.
Turn left and walk forward to the end of the tunnel. Click at the chair twice to be transported to the Floating Island which is also called the Living Ship.
Walk down the ramp, take the lift and go to the instrument panel.

Zoom in on the instrument in the middle and click at the first green button to go to the Island World, then click at the hand to take off.
It is a long journey and when you arrive night has fallen.

Take the lift down and walk up the ramp. Take the chair-lift to he other island. Walk forward along the spines, take the ramp down and go to the gondola-button.
Press the button to be transported to the island where Hannah started

Turn left and walk forward.
Turn right and walk forward.
Go up the ramp.
You'll see some houses. Wen you get there a door opens and man comes out.
He speaks English.

"Some of us finally learned your language.
Matia tried to prevent it for so long.
And those of us who have made it back from sanctuary have been imprisoned again.
I can only appear here in the middle of nowhere.
Matia has, well, lost its way.
Sees us as contaminated too.
If it isn't done correctly now the Good Servant will simply complete what it has begun.
There will be no Wanderer.
No chance.
I am to offer you precious oil in return for pearls.
One unit of oil for one pearl.
You will use the balance to measure the exact number you require, then you will take it to the temple"

Then he returns into his house.

Turn right and go to the big flask. Point at the scale. Your pearls in the inventory are highlighted. You get the oil in exchange for pearls. When you click the pearls disappear and the mark on the flask goes down to 9 but the oil-lever doesn't change. Walk behind the big flask. Take the small blue flask.
You must now return to the temple and give the oil to the priest. The picture of the bee must mean that you shall deliver the oil in the room with the painting both of a bee and of the number 9.

Back to Bosh Tunnel

Return down the ramp and press the gondola-button to be transported to the other island. Turn right and go up the ramp. Cross the spines and take the chair-lift to your island-ship.

Turn right and go down the ramp. Take the lift and go to the instrument-panel. Zoom in on the center-instrument. Click at the second green button and then on the hand and you are on your way to Bosh Tunnel. You arrive there the next day. Walk forward through the tunnel and into the hall.

Turn left and go through the hall to the computer-organ. Turn right and go forward through the tunnel, past the statue and into the temple. When you are inside turn right and cross the pool. Turn left and go forward five steps. Turn left and go upstairs.

Turn right and walk into the room.
A priest appears. He looks unhappy and make gestures to show that one unit of oil is missing. But you had nine pearls and the mark at the scale showed 9. Have you paid 9 pearls for only 8 units of oil. Is the scale faulty. Remember the number 6 was missing. You must return to the strange man and ask him what is going on.
But take Hannah along, she must be tired of staying trapped in the tunnel.
Go downstairs and return to the tunnel-hall through the door behind the statue. Exit to the chair-lift and go all the way to the instrument-panel in the island-ship.
Shift to Hannah.

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The story is written by MegaZina and based on the game Schizm - Mysterious Journey,
from L. K. Avalon. The pictures are taken from the game.
This homesite is private and has no connection with the named company.